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Lesson Policies and Agreement

Quentin’s Educational Mission:

Music is something that is both enjoyed as a passion and worked on as a discipline.  Quentin’s belief is that music brings greater joy in performance and appreciation through consistent practice and a desire to learn.  With consistent dedication, the true achievement, satisfaction, and realization of goals occurs.  It is to achieve these aspirations that Quentin Walston has outlined the policies below regarding his music lessons.

Student Expectations

To truly improve in music, practice is necessary. If you or your child would like to take regular/weekly lessons, there must be a dedication to improving by working on assigned material at home. To clarify, practice (as it is referred to in this document) means out-of-lesson time spent working on assigned material. An hour of time based on developing new skills versus an hour of time playing old, comfortable material will have dramatically different results. I understand that practice ethic needs to be developed over time, which is why a commitment to positive habits is necessary from the beginning. Positive habits include daily practice with a time minimum. Fitting minimums will be discussed in lessons.


Quentin Walston offers 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. Exceptions are allowed for makeups. Rates for online lessons are as follows:

30 minutes – $45.00

45 minutes – $55.00

60 minutes – $70.00

Rates for in-home lessons are as follows:

30 minutes – $45.00

45 minutes – $60.00

60 minutes – $75.00

Students enrolling in regular lessons are encouraged to pay for lessons in monthly payments. Those enrolling in monthly payments will be invoiced monthly and receive a discount outlined below:

30 minutes – $5.00 per month reduction

45 minutes – $10.00 per month reduction

60 minutes – $10.00 per month reduction


“Get Your First Lesson Free When You Sign Up For Three Lessons”

Students who enroll in this promotion commit to receiving three lessons from Quentin Walston and commit to paying for the second and third lesson in a single payment. This payment is to be received within a week after the first lesson or before the second lesson takes place (whichever date is earlier). The second and third lesson may be made up if a qualifying cancellation is made, but this will not affect the payment due date.

Monthly Lesson Payments

To receive the deducted lesson rate for monthly lessons, Quentin Walston must receive written intent to switch to monthly billing before the next scheduled lesson is invoiced.


Quentin Walston requires at least 24-hour notice when cancelling a lesson. If a lesson is cancelled within 24-hours, the missed lesson must still be paid in full. If a lesson is cancelled in the appropriate time frame, the lesson qualifies for a makeup. Please contact Quentin to schedule a makeup. In some cases, makeups can be added to the beginning or end of already-scheduled lessons. If a student is absent for their lesson, the lesson is considered cancelled and must be paid in full. If a student is 15 minutes late for their lesson, that lesson is assumed cancelled and must be paid in full. This also applies to online lessons. If Quentin cancels a lesson for whatever reason, you will not be charged for that lesson and a makeup will be scheduled.

If you wish to cancel or request a makeup, please email Quentin Walston at Quentin@QuentinWalston.com or text him at 703-424-8363. Quentin cannot take calls during all business hours due to his current teaching schedule. If you are cancelling, please leave your name, time slot you are cancelling, and available makeup days and times.


To set up lessons and discuss what lesson type is best for you or your child, please call Quentin at 703-424-8363. For scheduling and other written notifications, email is preferred and text messages are accepted.


If you wish to cease lessons with Quentin Walston, please adhere to the cancellation guidelines above. If you request to cease lessons and are enrolled in monthly billing, you will be returned your remaining balance unless a scheduled lesson is within 24 hours of the received cessation notice, whereby the amount of that lesson will not be returned. Please submit requests in email format.

Online Lessons

Quentin Walston teaches online lessons primarily with Zoom. If you prefer another method, notify Quentin and he will determine if the alternative is appropriate. The cancellations/absences/makeups policy is still adhered to in full for online lessons.

If you take online lessons with Quentin, please make sure to have a stable internet connection. Depending on the audio quality of your device, Quentin may request that you purchase an external microphone to assist in audio clarity, which he deems necessary for a quality lesson experience.


Quentin Walston reserves the right to photograph, audio record, video recording and/or create any other documentary/media recordings, (or any other future audio or imaging capturing and recording format not herein mentioned that supersede current technologies) which may be displayed in part or in whole for various reasons deemed fit by Quentin Walston. Quentin Walston reserves the right to wholly own, display, promote and use these media on his website (QuentinWalston.com), to share with other students, YouTube, Facebook page (or any other future media outlet which is not yet been used by Quentin) for any educational, promotional/advertising, or any other purpose(s) deemed applicable by Quentin. Any compositions or original works composed or made by students will receive a credit of their name as creator; Quentin Walston will never claim to be the sole composer of a student’s work.

You have the right to request that any photos/videos/audio recordings of you or your child be removed or not used from any of Quentin Walston’s publicly displayed mediums.

Required Information

For communication and billing purposes, students (or Parents/Guardians of students under 18) must provide an email address, mailing address, and phone number. Lesson tuition will be electronically invoiced. Paper invoices in addition to digital copies can be mailed upon request.

Agreement of Terms

If Quentin finds that any terms, such as practice ethic, are not being met, he will communicate first with the student and/or parent to resolve the issue. If the problem persists, Quentin may ask the student to leave the studio. Quentin reserves the right to dismiss a student from lessons at any time. In order to begin lessons with Quentin Walston, all terms must be agreed to in full and the Lesson Agreement must be downloaded, signed, and returned to Quentin. If you are not 18 years of age or older, you must have a Parent or Legal Guardian sign agreeing to the statements of this document.

How to Contact Quentin Walston

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 169 Waterford, VA 20197

Phone Number: 703-424-8363

Email Address: Quentin@QuentinWalston.com